Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

How did you escape the 70’s and 80’s with never having done a latch hook? My dear, you were robbed of a somewhat mindless pleasure which comes paired with near-instant gratification.


I know, right! I may have to take a trip to Joann’s soon and correct this oversight!


I agree with that. It was calming and centering the same way that drawing mandalas or (I hear) adult coloring books can be. Gentle, effective sedative for the monkey mind.


Well, here you go, then:

Made using and Tracery Writer.

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Hihi, good question. Horses, does anybody remember that?

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Artwork sample:


I’ve recently started ‘adult colouring’… and not finding it fucking ‘relaxing’ at all! Choosing colours stresses me out, going outside the lines by mistake stresses me out, worrying about the final look stresses me out. What is wrong with me?! :confused:


It sounds like you need to take a page from a kid and not worry about the lines so much. They’re just an idea, not a rule.

Also: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.


Try beading. It’s all about sorting small objects into boxes. Very Montessori school feeling. You might make some necklaces or earrings in there, but most of the time, it’s sorting the beads into boxes.


Kintsugi and alcohol inks…


Nothing. I take a look at all the tiny fucking fiddly areas in those coloring books and go NOPE.


Try digital coloring; no need to worry about going outside the lines.


Thank you, cherub, for your reassurance. But I feel like if a five year old can manage it, why the bloody hell can’t I? Plus I even got a sore middle finger because I no longer have that ‘holding a writing instrument’ callous I used to have!


This made me lol… thank you! But as I’m having trouble with pencils, think I’ll give smaller objects than them a miss for now.

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Not just me then. Thank god for that!

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Because five year olds have a shit ton of time and concentration.

Quick, name three dinosaurs. Now ask a kid. Those little people know all kinds of stuff because they’re not worried about work or paying rent or anything like that.

Seriously, like that show about Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in competition with them.

And, also, let’s face it, not everything is for everybody. Some people don’t like abstract art or Nickelback or bear hunting or, yes, coloring books. You can do all kinds of stuff that five year olds can’t, including determining what you like to do and telling the rest of the stuff to “fuck off I want to do this other thing.”

So, fuck coloring. Go have fun with something else and don’t see it as a personal deficiency. You totally rock at another skillset that people who color can’t figure out.


One of my sisters recommended a similar app just a few days ago, so think I’ll take a look in the app store now you’ve also suggested one. Ta!

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Wish I could like this x100. Thanks again.

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I do want to now make an adult coloring book called “fuck coloring” that just uses those pages where you put water on them and they color in. That way you can just dip a page in some white wine and be done.


And I paint tabletop gaming miniatures for funs so I am not one to shy away from small detail work as a rule but a lot of that detail work is purely technical trickery rather than filling in millions of tiny shapes.