Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

I’d put my ass on that in a building! Congrats!


I finished the bulk of the wiring on this keyboard. Took a break from the soldering iron to reprint some keys. Ghetto, but I kinda like the look.


I’m done building. Except for a ladder.

Painting is going to be a breeze over the week now that I’m no longer hauling around tools. I didn’t know I knew how to make windows. So, never underestimate yourself, I guess?


I will like this in 8 seconds.

But it’s an amazing job!


You think that’s amazing, you should see the inside. That’ll make you realize it’s all smoke and mirrors.


A piece that I did for someone who was less than worthy:


That’s really great!


Is this for kids or a place to drink beer? Or both?


Kids for now, they’re only 7 and 3. It’s more to clear them out of the house so we get the living room back.


It’s fabulous; I’d have killed for a tree house like that when I was a kid.


You and me both! That’s why I had to build one now.



Good on ya.


Would it be considered zombie apocalypse safe if you removed the slide, or at least greased it up?

Never really had a tree house, but always though it would be cool. Except I hate heights and ladders… so maybe not…

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My neighbour got rid of a lot of wood, so I’m going to be making a second treehouse for my kids this summer. The one we’ve got (2 years old now) is not very polished, but it’s still fun (I still haven’t carved horse heads for the crossed beams at the top, although I did add the second floor last year):

What you see isn’t structural and it’s supposed to look a little rough; it’s based around a frame made of new pallets that is strong. Also, I had a budget of about 100 EUR and the outside wood is reclaimed.

The second one is going to be completely hidden by pine trees, with a secret entrance around the side (there’s a cavity between two trees that the kids like to hide in). I may make a lookout point just for the sight of the kids’ heads poking through the leaves 2m up.

ETA: The treehouse in our local adventure playground is very cool:

The Italian guy who does a lot of the wood carving and building work there, with one of his carvings in the foreground (he has a section of the playground for storing and working with wood, and nobody else is allowed in):


I’m just going with “no” on this one, it’s slightly too low at the tree side and a smart one could pull themselves up. The plan to barricade the doors and then destroy the stairs in the house still stands.

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Multiple levels, I love it! The rustic look is actually perfectly done, I think it’s amazing.


So manikins with motors in the treehouse to get their attention.

Well, then I’d have to run power out there and frankly, I’d prefer to just not draw attention anywhere near the house in the first place.

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So, no motors. Just solar powered lights: