Making your own pasta is stupid easy

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Pasta is the key to true happiness.



i love making pasta - very tactile - very tasty


God that photo is beautiful. If I still had all of my supplies and my hands still worked that would be an amazing subject for an oil painting. I’ve always loved those old Dutch still life paintings from three or four hundred years ago that featured food. I really like the floral ones too.


In case you don’t know who he is…

I prefer it fresh from the tree.


#everythingoldisnewagain #thosewhoforgetpastdoomedtorepeatit

The 1990s yuppie/foodie fad for fresh, homemade pasta finally died after people realized that proper pasta is meant to be dried — dried pasta absorbs savory flavors from soups and sauces and makes the sought-after al dente texture possible.

“Fresh” pasta tastes like nothing but gummy lumps of flour, and it goes from “already too soft” to “overcooked into mush” in a matter of seconds.

Now, maybe you like your pasta gummy and flavorless; if so, this is for you.

Otherwise, probably not. There’s good reason the fad fell apart in the '90s.

Reviving it just seems like repeating the mistakes of the past.

(OTOH, maybe that’s a New Big Thing: All the new hipster packaged coffee brands seem to be going to pre-ground with heaping helpings of Robusta beans. It tastes better than Keurig pods, and it certainly is different from your dad’s fresh-ground all-Arabica gourmet coffee, so novelty junkies love it. Tastes like mid-60s truck-stop coffee to me, though.)


If you’re not careful with veggie pasta, you get the same result. Thanks for sharing this!

He had a goal against Liverpool last season from around half a mile away that he kicked so hard it nearly broke the net. Obviously the influence of spaghetti.

I am HUNGRY now. Dammit!

Q: What do you call spaghetti with Novichok?
A: Pasta Putinesca.


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