Malaysian café designed to look like a comic book page

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They really ought to play A-Ha’s Take on Me as background music.


Get in the comic book car, loser. We’re going to the comic book cafe.


Alas, Algorithmylon…

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Wow, it’s loud in there.
Is this from the before times?

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There are plenty of cool, interesting cafes and restaurants in Malaysia. Sometimes they can be hard to find. The times I nave been there it has helped to have friends and relatives to show me around.

Man, all I see (as a former worker in the restaurant and hospitality industries) is a lot of cleaning, wiping, mopping, more wiping, and walking around with a white paint dauber bottle, fastidiously covering up scratches and dings.

Congrats on the lighting designer who was able to light the place with nearly no shadows, AFAICT.

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Video link for the BBS

I wonder if many cosplayers are drawn to the place?

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