Graffiti artist paints sports car to look like a cartoon

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I suspect this car will be unsafe in traffic. People will misjudge the distance or just be confused what they see. Otherwise brilliant work.

Please protect your lungs when doing that much spray painting. A respirator is a must. I know an artist whose lungs were destroyed by doing custom autobody painting. He continues his fine art, but he’s limited strictly to water colors because his respiratory system can no longer handle exposure to other types of paint (like acrylics) even if brushed (not sprayed).


I’ve seen gray coupes with no lights on in the rain. I’m more worried about them. This seems like a great way to be seen in traffic.


I think that’s great. I would totally drive that.


Cool, looks like a Borderlands vehicle.


So, basically don’t take it out in the rain or through a carwash. Got it. Too bad.

oh yeah … birthday present! would love this paintjob

This style paintjob is popular in miniatures communities; particularly on vehicles. Neat seeing it at a 1:1 scale! (Even neater: it is hard to tell it IS a 1:1 scale…)

“Graffiti artist paints HIS interpretation of a cartoon car.”


The video shows a clear coat being sprayed once the paint job has been finished.

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Note the clear coat

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