Man arrested after trying to walk out of store with Playstation 4 in pants

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Credit where credit is due, nice try. But no cigar!


Amusing choice for photo to accompany today’s episode of The Misadventures of Florida Man, however, I was sooooo hoping for surveillance footage.

Not disappointed in BB, disappointed in the St. Lucie News-Tribune. :wink:

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Back when I worked in retail we had this one person that used their gall to their advantage. They picked up the largest item in the store (a very large box, like a TV, say) and just walked out. No drama.

I mean who just walks out of a store with the biggest most expensive item without paying for it? You’re not prepared for that.

Turns out that at least 3 members of staff had seen him leave. “Oh the guy that bought the X? Yea he left 5 minutes ago”.

I wonder how many other fashions have entered the public consciousness via driving trollies stylists?

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Rex Kwon Do pants.

This is a big news week for felons in loose-fitting pants.


This sounds even more unbelievable to a Brit, until I remembered the US use of the word ‘pants’.


Meanwhile we still think “trousers” is a weird term. I get that “sweaters” make you hot and “waders” are something you wear to walk into a river, but what the hell does it mean to “trouse?”

And yet we have the term ‘grannypants’ to refer to women’s underpants that are huge and fugly. :-/

They don’t call 'em sweaters, they call em jumpers. Which is something very different in US English.

Right, I forgot. At least “jumping” is a proper verb, though I’m not sure what it has to do with non-exercise-related outerwear.

US use of jumper makes considerable more sense.
This thing you might be able to physically jump into.

So this would be a…

… cable jumper?



“Is that a PS4 in your pants or do you have a really nasty glandular problem?”

Dunno about trousing, but ‘to trouser’ means ‘to take a bribe’.

Sorry, I mean ‘to accept an emolument’.

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