Man arrested for placing boulders in the middle of road on dark rainy nights to sabotage cars (video)

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A good old fashioned stake out is not conventional now?


What a Masshole!


His friend recommended he take up bouldering and it was all a big misunderstanding.


What The Wtf GIF by Justin


Was the boulder the size of a small boulder?

Around 8 years ago I was taking my kid to her co-op school and some truck had just dumped some rocks on the road. Me and 4 or 5 other cars hit it and I blew out three tires(and in hindsight, I think it caused more damage to my car that wasn’t evident until a couple years later when I had to get a mandatory inspection, causing it to fail.)

I had the tow truck driver take her to school first and then drop me off at Walmart, where I spent half a day getting new tires and I think had to get one new wheel, IIRC. What a shitty ass day. I am trying to remember, I think one or two of the tires I had replace not that long ago, and so I had a damage warranty on them, and just had to buy the other two, so that it all matched.

And there was no legal recourse because no idea who lost their rock load.


There are better ways to fight the war against cars. Remember: we’re fighting the concept of cars and how North American society is shaped around and completely dependent on cars. We’re not fighting individuals who are driving in them.


I doubt this gentleman was actually against cars (remember, he deployed the big rocks from a truck). It sounds like he was doing it for the LULZ, and should be punished accordingly. Christ, what an asshole!


I certainly hope this doesn’t mean the end of my favorite Reddit feed: “Idiots Who Crash Into The Rocks I Put There For Clicks And Giggles”

Well, dressing in full cammo is probably not the usual routine. Either way, nice to see a police officer actually fighting crime.



Especially on a rainy night.

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A complete unknown, with no directions home…


Nevermind the cars, as a cyclist, this is fucking terrifying.


usually involves coffee and doughnuts and a buddy to trade witty comments with. In the (relative) comfort of a car or van or a conveniently placed building. And some sort of distraction that affords the bad guy to get away in order to segue into an action-packed chase with little dialogue.

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