Man arrested for threatening to kill candidate Vivek Ramaswamy

Originally published at: Man threatens to kill Ramaswamy

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Was that statement released officially or did the Little Pisser leak it? Really not sure how he hasn’t been flushed at this point.


I’d give at least even odds that the guy doing the threatening is a Trump supporter furious that Ramaswamy dared challenge his god-king for the nomination.


Exactly. Not that nobody on the left has ever sent a death threat, but statements like this:

“We constantly hear about January 6 and ‘violence’ and ‘extremism on the right’ from the media, but the same media goes silent when the target is a Republican,”

conveniently forget that just because the target is a Republican doesn’t mean the threat isn’t from the right. There are a lot of angry fascists upset their candidates, despite being utterly reprehensible, still aren’t Nazi enough or orange enough.


I’m sure that you’re right, but it’s also possible that this particular nut job was partially spurred into rage after receiving one-too-many unsolicited text messages from candidates.

I’ve been getting plenty of texts from Republican campaigns lately and have sometimes been tempted to give some choice responses myself. (Although I’d certainly never send anything threatening or violent, and anyone who does needs to face the consequences.)


So evil,
and yet…

…not worth it.

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Yep. Thought the same thing. I give it a 60/40 chance that he was MAGA vs something else.

Oddly, I DID see a video the other day of a guy who said he was retired FBI (no idea if that is true or not) telling Vivek to “Be careful. No, but really, be careful.”, heavily implying there were viable threats out there.

No idea if that is true or if this guy is a nut who just wanted to feel important. :confused:

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