Trump dumps on Vivek: deceitful, sly, "not MAGA"

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Perhaps Vivek will finally understand what most of us here have known for a decade or more: this narcissistic deadbeat and grifter will eventually and inevitably betray your confidence in him.

Anyhow, so much for his dream of a VP slot or a cabinet office where he could cause chaos and enhance his scammy company.


There sure seem to be two nasty beliefs inculcated during climax capitalism: (1) i’m rich so i’m smarter than everyone I meet (2) there is no situation so horrible that I can’t join in to my advantage. trump, of course, being #2 (‘pun’ intended)


Trump also believes in #1. Remember “very stable genius”?


My favorite thing in the online discourse – such as it is – with the MAGA folks is how they couch the great sin of DeSantis, Haley, etc., in terms of “disloyalty” to Trump, as if Trump displays (let alone believes he owes) any ounce of loyalty to anyone, no matter how much they’ve self-abnegated themselves in his service.


He does realize that the entire concept of a primary campaign is to make a case for why the person campaigning should be the nominee instead of one of the other candidates, right?


It’s not like it’s some abstract concept of patronage that only a politician could understand, either. The guy is notorious simply for not paying for goods and services. How stupid or self-deluded does one have to be to expect someone who regularly skips out on restaurant bills to reward their vote by delivering on (toxic) promises?

As I’ve said before, Ramaswamy has been the only participant in this GOP primary who understood it was an audition to be a henchman in Biff’s future regime.

The other candidates, along with the GOP establishment and the corporate media, continue to embarrass themselves by pretending this is a normal primary (which is not to say that embracing the real situation is a good thing either).


Why does the Trump party even bother with primaries? It is the Trump party after all? Anyone running against him will by necessity be slandered and ultimately deemed unfit for a VP slot or cabinet position for the sin of challenging Trump in the Trump party.


If that is really what he was running for then he was a complete idiot for thinking challenging Trump for the nomination was a way to get on his good side.

I think most of the people running were either

  1. Secretly hoping Trump would be taken down by health issues or a criminal conviction before the end of the race
  2. Getting a head start on 2028

They’re all fools in their own ways for participating in this sham.


Give it time. I wouldn’t put it past them to rename the Republican Party the Trump Party.


Now we live in the Upsidedown this almost certainly makes Vivek the front runner for Trump’s VP pick.


The funniest story I’ve read said that since the majority of Iowa Republican Caucus voters intend to write in their vote, there may be a respectable portion of those who are inclined to vote “none of the above” who may actually write in their vote for “Biden”. If he winds up getting more than Vivek, it could be national news.


Deplorably stupid?


This has been the secret goal of literally all the Republicans for at least 4 years now. Hoping against hope that they could thread the needle of ‘loyalty’ to Trump while all the actual citizens who care about their country would take him down in some way. With a backup plan of hoping against hope that he strokes out.

They are all hoping he is somehow out of the race by November because of something they didn’t do, so they can access his pool of useful idiots while also gaining power for themselves.

It’s pathetic and horridly self serving, and should by definition disqualify every single one of them from any public office.


If he wins the presidency again, the US is at severe risk of becoming a dictatorship, and he will rename it. You don’t need a Republican (or Democrat) party in a dictatorship.

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Sounds like the dictator is going to take care of him on day one.


There also won’t be that 2028 election some of these cowards and opportunitists might be trying to get a head start on. At least not the kind of election we’re used to in the U.S.

  1. Secretly hoping Trump would be taken down by health issues or a criminal conviction before the end of the race

Wow, they’re just like us.


No they are not. I suspect that most of us wouldn’t trade our moral and ethical values for a punters chance at being on top of the pile of shit that Trump is creating. I hope not.

Personally i am hoping that Trump’s taint and their enthusiastic grovelling will so utterly compromise them that they all go down in flames after he goes to prison. On top of that maybe the Gop will be so clearly corrupted in the eyes of the public that they spend a decade in the wilderness. When they do return I hope it will be with an entirely new slate of leaders who have learned never to sell out to would be tyrants, because the fall of the current GOP’s leadership was so total and catastrophic.

A fella can dream.