Man arrested while attempting to destroy the Magna Carta

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If you want to be a smartie, it’s just “Magna Carta”. There’s no “the”.


Or sometimes, Magna Quacka.

If destroying a document magically erased centuries of legal precedent then someone would have burned all copies of it long ago.


Frustrated time traveler who missed by several centuries, perhaps?


Donald Trump in disguise, trying to eliminate all the precedents to the U.S. Constitution before he torches it during a campaign rally while chanting “AmeriKKKa Uber Alles”.


The Magna Carter would be a very important document in the history of the show ER.

Also, the latest reporting seems to agree that he was trying to steal it rather than destroy it.

(Protip: smash & grab tactics generally don’t work well with priceless national treasures, as their glass cases are usually quite a bit better constructed than the cases in your typical jewellery store).


He thinks he’s Nicholas Cage?


We were in Vegas for the Phish run at MGM a couple years ago and went to this Thai restaurant for lunch well off the strip.
I went to go wash my hands and came back and my wife says “don’t look, but Nicolas Cage is sitting in the booth behind you.” I start to turn around “Don’t look!” I looked anyway and he was. Enjoying his meal with a lady, looked pretty normal other than his hair and beard were dyed jet black. No one was bothering him or anything.
Anyway, when he and his dining companion left, he gets up and he’s wearing leather pants and tosses on this giant suede jacket trimmed with sherpa looking stuff and tops off the ensemble with giant 70’s Elvis sunglasses. That outfit couldn’t have been comfortable in the 85 degree day…


i guess you read the article, then

I did, but I’m not sure what you’re getting at?

This makes me think of that episode of “Community” where they debate whether Cage is insane or a genius, and decide that he is both.

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was his last name “trump?”

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Luckily there are 4 copies extant, so…just sayin.

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He came for this after he did in the Encarta.

He must be a little insane if only for the reason that of all the places he could live he chose Las Vegas. I’d live in Phoenix for 1000 years before living in Vegas for one.

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I wonder if he came there to admire Salisbury Cathedral’s 123m spire.


No, he just came for hammertime, not for bells and whistles.

Maybe he likes the juxtaposition between illusion, and grime.