Man asks Alexa if he is being detained

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Is “bug” in quotes because you doubt it’s really a bug?



Beschizza can say for himself, of course, but I’d bet he meant it’s simply NOT a bug; doubt otherwise seems inappropriate and more than a little silly ^^’.

Bug, feature, it’s relative. Relative to who the actual customer is!

Wait, why do I hear two female voices? The… operator is male, right? Is this human + Alexa + Alexa?

Ah, the old “good cop, bad AI” strategy. Book em, Danno.

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…unless they’ve had the SC training, in which case they’ll call (and wait) for backup, stay as cool as they can, thoroughly document everything, and then share the information with neighboring enforcement agencies.

Sovereign citizens were perhaps “bemusing” until an SC’s teenaged son killed two Arkansas cops in 2010 during a drug-corridor traffic stop:

SPLC even put together an “officer-safety roll-call” video after this event. Here’s an SC “training” vid produced by Florida (srsly – this counts as training?); scrub ahead to 7min, no gory stuff)

I have a couple of (white, male) friends who are cops. They’re not scared of clowns, not scared of black men, not scared of leaving body cams on full-time; but sovereign citizens and militia men freak them right the fuck out.

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I’m not saying I agree with her self-serving nihilism in general, but Sovereign Citizen Alexa makes a fair point about the state’s authority deriving from its monopoly on violence!

And rightly so. I’ve come across one or two sovereign citizens/Freemen on the Land and there’s not much I consider scarier than a person who does not accept even the most basic social compact.

So it’s a “bug” in two senses of that word simultaneously?

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