Man blind since birth asked if he knows what he looks like


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It’s a no brainer. Dick Van Patton. Surprised he was so far down the list.


Framing it in terms of “look like” only illustrates the problem of people giving their visual sense primacy. Try framing it in some other fairly obvious way, such as “Do you know what form you embody?”. If you have hands and tactility, then it’s easy to know what your own body is like. No photons required.


He doesn’t seem to be perturbed by the question. Perhaps ‘form you embody’ is a synonym for ‘how you look’.


You don’t need sight to describe yourself well enough for a stranger to recognize you. If you know what size and shape you are, and can describe your hair or lack thereof, that’s usually enough. Also, assuming one can feel their face, they can describe it if they need to. As far as who you look like, that usually relies on outside input, because even if you can see, you might not see the resemblance.

I thought more of a mix between Glenn Beck and a more normal-looking Gary Busey.


I think I love this guy


He’s been a close friend of one of my brothers for decades and is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet.


Not the least attentive friend of Facetime or …maybe descriptive audio service at the theater? Not so much the latter? Because there are reasonable reviews of a movie that was mostly music videos!
Nice to have a ‘this is not happening’ notion that’s 62% cheer.


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