With cookies in the shape of your face, you can tell people "eat me" and mean it

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Why do people always seem to assume that their face is the front of their head?

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I prefer to tell people to “eat my shorts”


I must say that your unique flair for socratic questioning (ALL THE THINGS), while often though-provoking, can frankly get a bit baffling at times.


When I can get people to answer more of them, it will get far more conversational!

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You would think so, but unfortunately modern science teaches us that just because an object has replicated our likeness in some way that object is still distinct from the individual it replicates. Crazy huh!?! So I guess what I mean is you can say “Eat a representation of me in the form of a cookie” and mean it, sorry if this information disappoints you.

Have you tried the haunted mental asylum? I hear it’s pretty lively.

Why do you assume that “eat me” means your face?

#so many assumptions

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I wouldn’t call it Socratic questioning. That’s when someone asks a question and by responding with leading questions you help the person come to the answer themselves.

This is more like a college freshman at Thanksgiving, which is usually the first time a new college student comes back home to family. :wink:

Modern science? Don’t forget about art:

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