Meatspace: friendly, open chat that uses GIF-loops from your webcam instead of emoticons


It sounds like a cool idea, but the first thing I thought when I read the part about not having to be concerned about expressing sarcasm, worry etc. was the whole Bitchy Resting Face trope. After all, with a lot of people one can’t tell if they’re being sarcastic when you’re standing right in front of them. Or happiness: there’s always the people whose version of a cheer is to nod slightly and perhaps say “Good” out loud.

Emoticons and emojis can be a blessing to the non-extroverted, quiet, Type B sorts.


So feels like it has a Vine-y &/or Snapchatty aspect to it?

Are webcams really that ubiquitous?

Not so useful if you are blind.

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Most of the tablets and recent notebooks (last 4 years) got a frontal camera.

a single chat room with no login, no user names, and no default identity - just the ability to post 2 second clips from your webcam

So… how many penises?


Had a quick look. Looks like they generally pose their shots, so they make sure the pics communicate what they want. (Headbanging metalheads etc) Bet it would be a bit of a habit to get into but a lot of fun once you’re used to it.

Many things aren’t. Smileys, for example.

You know what would be fun? Hack somebody’s system so this software took random shots at unexpected moments, making them look really foolish. Then, when they think they’re sending a thumbs-up, their friends see their best derp-face.

Never thought of GCHQ and the NSA as the world’s largest derpface collection, but now that you mention it …

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