Alternatives to "Resting Bitch Face"


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Error 53: Apple remotely bricks phones to punish customers for getting independent repairs

As someone who apparently is a chronic sufferer of RBF, I’d very much appreciate a significantly less sexist name for the condition. However, these are all too obtuse for the type of misogynist who would call it RBF.

I have some further suggestions:

Don’t Bother Me, Fool Face
Very Neutral Face
Chronically Neutral Face
No, I’m Not Going to be Into You Face
Leave Me the Fuck Alone Face
I’m Minding My Own Business, Mind Your Own Face
Your Attention Isn’t Welcome Face

I could probably go on for some time…


Way to Tip Fifteen Percent On Your Bill Before Taxes Face

Now I’m making a face.


Or, how about:

“My face does not naturally contort itself into a simpering idiot with a batlike grin”
“The state of my face has nothing to do with your petty expectations”
“Why are you constantly judging me? Leave me alone.”


Why not a smile? :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want an alternative?


“You’re not worth the muscular effort of an eyeroll much less a facepalm” face


I had to look it up.

Over at WaPo the cure is apparently a wee smile all the time, or being a boy or unattractive woman, because apparently it doesn’t matter so much then - but this is one of the most “too much time on our hands” + “first world” + “seriously?” + “is that the best we can do” problems I’ve had the misfortune of missing and then having to read up on to stay current.

We really don’t stand a chance against any major problems if RBF is as well researched as it appears to be. Colour me unimpressed with humanity. This is totally going to impact my day.


Do you want an honest reply to this, or should I go post it in the open trolling thread?


Maybe what we really need isn’t alternatives to RBF but rather terms for those who perceive women as having RBF. I’ll get the ball rolling…

I’m Projecting My Insecurities Onto You Brain

I’m Going To Insult You Because You’re Out Of My League Brain

I’m Arrogant Enough To Think You Give A Shit Brain


you think it’s some kind of disease?

I never heard the RBF term before and looking at the image search results it’s not even used for one expression but a wide range of non-verbal communications - everything between smug via absorbed in thought and bored.


one of the first Google hits for resting bitch face



And most deserving. He is an awesome entertainer, but a terrible person.


It Was a Good Idea But I Didn’t Make It All the Way to the End of that List Face


Jeremy Corbyn has his thousand yard stare, and in my case a former girlfriend used to call it my “camel look” (she had spent time in Egypt.)

Odd how the male versions aren’t pejorative.


See, now, this is how I know you’re male. You’re blind the constant barrage of petty harassment women get to experience on a daily basis. That must be pleasant, bully for you.

@renke: I get that it can be difficult to discern sarcasm on the webtubz, but rest assured, there’s plenty of it in any comment I’m going to make on this thread. Your photo is kinda hilarious, though.


I shall henceforth think of @ironedithkidd as ol’ camel face.


Thanks. You’re a real peach.


So what does this tell you? Is there a greater issue here, something that maybe applies worldwide, not just to privileged people (who apparently don’t happen to be you)?

Imagine if you could walk into a room and start discussing the issue at hand, instead of having to dodge a half-dozen comments about your physical appearance first. What would that privilege feel like?


It’s actually called Bitchy Resting Face and it’s a serious problem.