The best Joker is the woman Joker who snaps after a lifetime of being told to "smile, baby" by shitty men

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Lumberjanes and Sword Daughter are two comic staples I buy for my girls each month. Oh, and Squirrel Girl, who beat Thanos before beating Thanos was cool.

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It’s one of those takes on the character that’s so clever that you wonder why it wasn’t done decades ago. And then you remember that until relatively recently a random man telling strange women that they should smile more wasn’t necessarily a sign that he was a clod and douchebag.


I LOVE this!


I saw this suggestion a few days ago, and honestly, it sounds like a great story hook. I am kinda surprised this hasn’t been suggested before with all the Elseworld stories where we mix up the premises. One that would probably be ruined through a ham fisted, “not really getting” it story by some guy who thinks he could write such a story. That and it calls into question - the Joker is the bad guy (er lady?) - so is their psychotic break and violence afterwards now justified?

Actually, this totally would have worked better in the 90s when the Anti-Hero was King (Queen?). The Punisher, Shadowhawk, Judge Dredd, Venom, Ghost Rider… I am sure you can think of others where the violence dolled out as a punishment to the wicked was completely justified and encouraged.

Have you read Zita the Space Girl? It is a 3 part series (so far).


The original origin story for the Joker usually involves him having one bad day.

The Joker doesn’t have a definitive origin story. One particular incarnation of the character does have his supposed origin as caused by a series of unfortunate events until he snaps but even then its clear that the story he’s telling is doubtfully the truth (this is more evident when watching Heath Ledger’s Joker, who throughout the movie keeps changing the story about himself, and his smile, to his victims)

That said i’m not against having a female version of The Joker with such an origin story (i think it’s really great), but part of what makes the character compelling is that there is somewhat of a mystery regarding his background. And that the character is very moldeable in regards to what version of Batman is being used.


Yeah, Zita rocks. So does Cleopatra in Space. Similar age level and adventure.


Some rando dude said that [smile!] to my Dear Wife last weekend at a motorcycle meet, before I could stop her, that 36 oz water was air-bound towards his head. Some Man-Baby’s never learn, Women aren’t your personal pet / possession.


I was honestly unaware of this part of Squirrel Girl’s history, and just earlier today was reading about it, when I found something on SG’s Wikipedia page:

Squirrel Girl’s defeat of Thanos is an ambiguous one.

So, she probably didn’t really beat him. Can’t even have this one, can she? Facepalm.


But Uatu said she did!


Squirrel Girl’s comic series is called The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. The way i interpret it is that she likely has luck on her side and events will eventually work out in her favor regardless if she beats Thanos on purpose or not.


Rightly so.


Plot armor or not Squirrel Girl is awesome :slight_smile:


The funniest part is that she beat him off-panel when she was out running errands, and when she went back to headquarters afterwards the rest of the team was less interested in that part of her day than in whether or not she remembered to pick up toilet paper.


Can’t run out of T.P.


I’ll have to check that out for the kiddo!

Well did that make her smile?


Of course if they do this, they’ll have to pay her for the idea. Win!

I saw that twitter thread the other day and thought, “Shit, this is awesome, I’m so there for this version.”

I don’t know how wacky DC writers are really allowed to get with those non-canon stories, though. (And how many of those alt-Earths and “Elseworld” versions they can do.) There are limits, and those really pushing the envelopes more often end up doing their stories using re-named copies of the characters outside of DC entirely. (There are so, so many thinly-disguised version of DC and Marvel comic characters out there. Which gets weird when DC has bought up publishers of knock-off characters and added them to the official universes.)

Well, it was, it just wasn’t generally recognized as such.


It was always a sign that he was a clod and douchebag - he (and most men) just didn’t hear it until very recently.


As far as i know they have Carte Blanche for non-canon stories, they can get pretty wild and change a lot especially if its for a one shot or something that’s going to see a few issues. Perhaps the reason why we haven’t seen something like this incarnation could be a culture of prioritizing certain stories over others, this has been seen even with Marvel. There’s also been a culture of listening to men more over women, and the few women that are in the industry tend to get pigeonholed into writing specific things. In fact i read a story about this recently that is 100% relevant to the discussion