The best Joker is the woman Joker who snaps after a lifetime of being told to "smile, baby" by shitty men

No superhero can withstand the discomfort of itchy butt!


Perfectly fine for the Batman to be a vampire, but Joker Woman is way too much. /s


Also, it’s much much more than the one bad day that causes the Joker to finally manifest. In The Killing Joke, for example, dude isn’t exactly living his best life before falling into the vat of poison: his life rather sucks, and the one bad day is more the straw that broke the came’s back than some kind of Joker-genic black swan incident that came from nowhere.

That said, I’d die to read DeRuiter’s Joker! Make it happen, DC!


Yes, and a good laugh was had by all, at his expense…


There has apparently been a female Joker (the Earth-9 version)

That said, from what i can tell its the only example i can find… if there are others then there just must not be many. It does seem its been publicly discussed before. DC has been good with representation of females and LGBT, but there’s always opportunities to do more so i hope they recognize this.


More than one:


I figured there must be more than one but my casual search was mainly pulling up results from this recent Joker origin story pitch. At work so i didn’t have time to do a more thorough look, however there doesn’t seem to be many examples and i hope DC takes the opportunity to do something different.


IIRC, Tangent Comics was a short-run DC project that flipped long established icons to see how the classic stories could be retold. I don’t know how well they did in general, I but I actually had a couple of Tangent’s Joker issues.


So did it hit him?

(Oh please, oh please, oh please!)


Don’t be silly. If the Joker is a woman, what will boring suburban white dudes use to show how edgy and unique they are?

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I think there needs to be some level of mystery in the Joker’s backstory, as with any character who is presented as “mad” (for lack of a better term, and it’s not really a great word for it, but I digress) because if it’s too specific then people aren’t frightened by it. Part of what makes villains like the Joker interesting and scary is the quiet fear that something like that could be lurking under the surface of anyone, including ourselves.

Granted, being a comic book, the what’s being presented is kind of an amplified caricature of what you might reasonably expect a person to do if they had a severe psychotic break, but it still plays on the same set of fears. Maybe not “I’m afraid I’ll turn into a supervillain” but “afraid that I could lose control of myself” probably covers a fair amount of it.

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Comics is pretty bonkers. I forgot that they do have all those alternative time lines out there as well (sorta after I got out of the game.) But like they had that Batman Metal series and they had all these bizarre versions, like the Batman who laughs. I haven’t gotten the collection of this series, but it is tempting… Pretty sure no one would object to the Joker as a woman on principle along. Just needs the right story and team.


Weirdly enough, I just mentioned this yesterday on a BB political thread:


I would love to read this.

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Yeah, they do get fairly crazy - I was thinking of the Batman who Laughs (which I guess started out as one of a series of unconnected crazy Batman stories, but then they decided to do a multiverse story so all the crazy stuff ended up interacting with the main continuity) and Mignola’s “The Doom That Came To Gotham” Batman miniseries where all the characters had HP Lovecraft story origins (and, as far as I know, it’s totally walled off in its own narrative universe which is unconnected to anything else).

So while they must have some sort of cut-off where things are just too bananas for a Batman book, it’s probably a pretty high bar to hit, and it’s much more about the limited number of such comics they do and the selection process for who is allowed to do them.


This meme needs to end. Men tell men to smile, women tell men to smile and, I’ll bet, women tell women to smile too. Some woman said I should smile more just the other day. It’s not the end of the world.

Considering you, a man, who doesn’t have to deal with a life-time of harassment perhaps. And maybe, just maybe… you don’t fully understand what its like to be told on a regular basis that “You’d be prettier if you smiled”?



I’m a man in my 40s and I don’t think I’ve ever once been asked to smile by a stranger who wasn’t a school photographer.