Using sandwiches to teach the socratic method


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I don’t get it. Why isn’t a taco a kind of sandwich?


A taco doesn’t have treads, so it’s not a tank.


Because it’s in a tortilla rather than in bread, which makes it a special case of a wrap. There also has to be a consideration for shape, I think: a sandwich should be mostly flat rather than folded, so 2 slices of pizza on top of eachother is a sandwich, but 1 slice folded is not.


Someone go change references to food to be references to music genres and go post this in the angriest corner of music nerd internet for me, okay? :slight_smile:


No, no Socrates, though generally having the appearance of those used for “assaulting” that one does not fire on full auto…


I think the summary of this is:

  • Euthyphro is a fool, specially for hanging out with Socrates
  • Socrates is a pain in the ass, dont invite him to parties
  • Now I’m hungry, but I no longer know how to make a sandwich


A taco contains fuel, so it’s a tank.


Kant would say that it is, if I remember correctly.


I think we’ve found the real meaning behind the “corruption of the youth” charge that led to Socrates’ death sentence. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t that he caused the youth of Athens to question their religion or their faith in democracy, it was that he hurt the food sellers through confusion of categories.


Yes, but what is pizza?


It’s not a pie, if that helps.


No, no Socrates, that is a “sandwich” only in the metaphorical sense…no, yes, I understand what you’re saying, but the woman is “edible” too, only in the metaphorical sense…yes, yes, it is still technically a “sandwich” if it is two “chicks” and one “dude”, but again…


Pizza has been my favorite sandwich for a bit now.


I don’t get it. Why isn’t a tortilla a kind of bread?

Also, I wonder if Socrates ever had an open-faced sandwich? I make them all the time.


Did Hero make sandwiches?


Hiro Protagonist? No, he delivered pizzas, which are a kind of sandwich.


If two pieces of pizza are a sandwich, then what’s a calzone?


I would submit that a wrap is a kind of sandwich, but that would make a taco a sandwich. If a wrap is not a sandwich - if we return to the definition of food “sandwiched” between two other pieces of food - then neither is a taco. I do agree though that slapping two pieces of pizza together does make a pizza sandwich.


When the taco breaks in half, does it become a sandwich?