Man can flex and move like something nasty from Silent Hill


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The sound of his hands and wrists striking the floor was almost as unsettling as his movements. Ouch!


Nah, he was just Late For Meeting.


I’d like to be the first to welcome our benevolent zombie overlords.


Next guy to follow on the footsteps of Javier Botet



I hope he uses that talent to fuck with people endlessly.


Amazing muscle control; I bet he can dance his ass off.


The now infamous (cut from the theatrical version) ‘Spider walk’ scene from “The Exorcist”. This gif tastefully excludes the torrent of blood that Regan vomits out once at the bottom of the stairs:


What’s that statue in the background?


“I should got to bed. Maybe I’ll just check boing boing first… oh, this post mentions Silent Hill, what could possibly go wrong?”


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