Man cannot stop petting his cat's ears

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I have 3 cats.

Linc can be pet at almost anytime, super laid back, even trimming his claws is trivial.

Zeke can be pet, but only if you are standing behind his shoulder. If he sees the incoming hand, he will try to bite it half the time.

Eva is a ghost, who only appears at feeding time, and may be pet only if you enter the astral plane.

Bonus pet is Stanley, the leopard gecko. She is ambivalent about petting, loves mealworms.


I (ahem) may know someone who’s been late to work once or twice because they have succumbed to the utter cuteness that is our cat Squeaky in the morning.


You mean these (mlem) ears?!


There is a well-known phenomenon in our house named “no responsibility kitty.” When this occurs, the person who is not trapped is responsible for any immediate household duties until the kitty has vacated the lap at issue


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