I love my cat, he tolerates me


Chuck cleaning my head:

His full name is Charlemagne, and has 22 toes.


Just the unicorn-chaser I needed. :smiley:


Me too, he has a great way of settling things down. And now I have to go wash my hair :wink:


Pro tip: don’t use bacon grease as a pomade :wink:


Even when they don’t carry Dapper Dan?


I don’t want Fop, I’m a Dapper Dan man!


“Well, isn’t this a geographical anomoly. Two weeks from anywhere!”

And yes, sometimes I quickly wake up and exclaim, “Muh hair!”


“It’s very, very rough”? Is this the first time you’ve ever felt a cat’s tongue? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had several cats, and his is the second roughest :). The most abrasive was a sweet, blind black cat we had for 18 years. I’m talking like not even sandpaper but an angle grinder. Chuck, this particular polydactyl, also practices his routine on the 70lbs dog :smiley:


Beautiful! Looks like a Maine Coon?


D’awww. He wouldn’t clean you if he didn’t love you. :wink:


Don’t know if he is a coon–he certainly could be due to similar markings and the strong, wide nose, but he is small (by coon standards) and super clumsy. Heh, besides every animal in this house (humans included) are mutts :).

BTW I enjoyed the front page cat+dog head massage video. Its like we could all use a touch more kitty-chasers right about now.


If you see the crook at the end of his tail, it is actually permanent. The last two vertabrae(?) Are at a 45 degree angle. It makes for hyper cute photos :slight_smile:


My kid took this of me sleeping this AM. She then woke me up to show me how cute the grainy photo of Pretzel sleeping on my head is.

Our cat Heart is a Main Coon variant too.


Ahhhh! Got a little dust in my eye… :smile:


From that photo, he looks a lot like our Bob… (instead of a crooked tail, he has a rib that sticks out – from his street cat days)
Bob seems largish and looks like our Maine Coon until you actually see him by the Maine Coon :wink:


We have a remarkably similar kitchen faucet. Did it come from Swedish Kmart, or Home Desperado?


it came from a mail order place called Signature Hardware. it appears to be basically a nicer front end for Alibaba :smile:


we just took chuck to the vet and he weighed in at 11.2 lbs. my last Maine Coon topped out at 19, and he wasn’t fat o_0


Does yours use his ‘thumb’ for grasping?

The most weirded-out by a cat I’ve ever been is when my cat Ziggy, as a kitten, picked up the edge of a carpet to look for where the laser went.

He lives with my sister now but I seem to remember him having 24 toes after having two smaller ones in the front removed for extra mobility. His toes had toes. :smile_cat:

I’m certain that they are the progenitors of cats-with-hands-in-the-future.


he totally does! he has been pulling out lights in the christmas tree and hiding them. he is great at grabbing stuff, but is about as elegant as me :smiley:

now my ten year old, camera shy norwegian forest cat is the most delicate, agile, graceful animal on earth. she looks like something out of a Miyazaki film.


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