Man charged in chess row death




En passant would do it.


Can I be the first to suggest his legal team employs the Sicilian defence?


And I thought my sister was a dick for flipping the board when losing.


See, war games do lead to violence!


A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of global thermonuclear war?


Chess kills. Whodathunk.


I’ve heard of being forked in chess before . . . but this is ridiculous!


…aaand checkmate! Eat your heart out!
Wait, wait, what are you doing with that knife? No! No! I said your heart! Yours!


American Mothers Against Chess is already on the case.


Look- This is CHESS.

It’s not some lowley Monopoly game where you get in a brawl and make threatening overtures about your opponant’s milkshake. Oh, no- This is a game of MEN, not chance. You don’t just win, you nobly vanquish your enemy through ruthless cunning superiority, and yes, occasionally feast on their still-beating heart.

I mean, really, if it’s not more exciting than a Taiwanese hooker, it just isn’t worth playing.


The first 3 times I read the title I wondered what chess move “row over” referred to, and what relation it had to en passant as shown in the image.

Then I got the pronunciation of “row” right.


You’re just muddying the waters.


Chess, corrupting the young since the Gupta Empire.


Young people today are being turned into killers by this violent so-called game. An investigating committee is needed - STAT!


I should think that killing someone over a chess game is a clear indicator of mental instability.




I have to say, I’ve never inspired more rage and apoplectic sorrow in another player than when using en passant. I then usually refer them to the printed instructions that came with the chess set. It’s a dangerous thing to introduce the move to someone this way. Why did Han shoot first? If you look carefully there’s a chess set between him and Greedo.


It was his lung, according to the Daily Star.
Such gory details. So little facts.


Take a deep breath and reign in your outrage.