Police mistakenly called on war game developer


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He’d already freehand drawn a sketchy approximation of the trajectory of the missile on a whiteboard! This plan for international destruction was already in the advanced phase!


Such a sad world we live in. Mr. Smith’s fear for how he would be treated by the authorities is more reasonable than some curtain-twitcher’s fear of ‘terr’ists’.


We’ve pumped up the fear so much, it’s hard to know what not to be afraid of! And the cops typically will count false positives like this one, as proof that it’s working. (protip: a real terrorist would likely be more discreet)

That’s why I prefer to call it “war with terror” instead of “war on terror”.
The ambiguity is deliberate: terror is a weapon of war, not an enemy.


I suppose he’s lucky he doesn’t have an Arabic surname.


The story would be very different, in that case :open_mouth:

Indeed. Game designing while brown is a known terrorist activity as well. Also walking while brown, in some places, and breathing while brown.

In those cases merely owning a blank white board and some (gasp) red markers would probably be sufficient cause for rendition.

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Apropos of brit developers and thermonuclear war; anyone with a taste for the same should check out DEFCON. Does an excellent job of capturing the aesthetics of The Big NORAD Board and the grim absurdity of trying to win at MAD.

Campaigns like the US “See something, say something” where ordinary citizens are asked to be “hyper vigilant” and report “suspicious” behavior can’t help either.


Chuck Jones and his team at Warner Bros would have been on a watch list for sure:


He is also lucky that he apparently doesn’t have a dog. Shooting dogs seems to be SOP for cops making “dynamic entries.”

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I’m sure the raid would have been a lot better with a Carl Stalling score.

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Looks like this guy was trying to reinvent DEFCON

Sorry, this is all I’ve got:

roughly same intelligence level though…

Only a true mastermind could come up with such an intricate plan. It stands to reason he has a background in rocket science as well.


Why is she looking at the speaker? Like a dog staring at your finger instead of what you’re pointing at.

Also, how come China, France, and Israel aren’t options?

+100 points and 1XP for using the phrase “I absolutely bricked it.”

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