Man checks single can of beer on flight


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I once checked a small box with only a cigar punch keychain that looked like a .44 magnum bullet because the Canadian security wouldn’t let me on the plane with it. My pocket knife was ok.


Warm beer, my favorite.


Even though warm beer is nasty I hope he cracked it open and drank it right there.


I am curious about the temperature. Don’t pieces of luggage in the cargo hold get super cold? Does the amount of time it takes to unload and ride around the carousel warm it significantly?


Reads like a short flight. So maybe a puddle jumper plane never gets high enough to freeze (or it is not in the air long enough).

ETA: nevermind. Thousands of miles.


Sounds like you’ve got a project to do.

That said, my checked luggage has never been cold when I’ve picked it up. Nor hot.


Depends on the kind of beer and what the ambient temperature is. Some beers have a nicer flavor the less cold they are, likewise ice cold beers mask how tasteless they are.

I tend to drink darker beers and i think they taste best slightly chilled.


He’s Aussie.
They drink their beer room temperature, and room temperature is 110 degrees.


Like in Arizona, no thanks.


Lager, no less. blech


Recently I flew across the atlantic and to put the argument as to the conditions in the plane’s hold to rest I put a recording device in my hold luggage and this is what I got. The temperatures (upper) are in °C and the pressures (lower) in millibars.


He’s lucky he wasn’t in the U.S. and flying United. They’d probably have beaten him with the can.


I’d be pretty sure that the pressure would have been the same in the cabin.


Interesting, i would have assumed that the temps would have been a little bit lower. Maybe other flight routes and/or seasons might see a bigger temperature range?


Season doesn’t matter. At 30K feet it’s just really really cold all the time. If you get bored with the movie selections and look at the flight info you’ll see it’s well below zero. Moving fast through it makes it even colder.

Also, remember that pets often travel below so temps need to remain habitable. Still wouldn’t subject a pet to that if I had a choice. There’s also no restrictions on liquids in luggage and there haven’t been rashes of things freezing and blowing up the containers.


Well on the graph above i’m assuming it’s in Celcius and it doesn’t appear to dip below 20C, which is why i asked if multiple factors might account for that temperature range. It doesn’t seem to be all that cold.


There are warm, pressurised parts of the cargo bay in several models, but I am pretty sure from own experience that some part of the cargo hold in A320’s aren’t warm. I had min/max temperature thermometers in my luggage several times when flying to parts of Africa and Europe, and sometimes temp dropped just above 0°C. However, outside temp dropped to -40°C according to the in-flight info, so that *is,*warm, still…


It doesn’t matter, it’s Australian beer. Or maybe I’m wrong and there are actually good Australian beers, but I’ve never heard of them.


Yeah its quicker to fly to New Zealand than Perth from Melbourne. The hold is pressurized with cabin air though so the beer will stay warm.

BTW its the custom here to leave beer out for the postie at Christmas so I am mildly surprised that the can reached Perth unopened.