Man destroys own apartment after meeting homosexual demon


Does this mean people have already started to incorporate “This is the End” in their psychoses?

Jeeze, liberalism is even corrupting demons. Back in the good old days, when men were men and everyone knew there place, you only had to worry about totally het sex-demons, Incubi, succubi, that sort of thing. I tell you, society these days.


Is there some kind of legal reason that he has to be charged? Assuming he wasn’t lying about being off his medication, how about he gets put back on it? I’m pretty sure jail isn’t going to help.


You’d think a demon would be able to get his own drugs.


Clearly the anal-probing aliens have recruited allies.

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That kinda stuff happens to me all the time. All you gotta do is invite them to have a nice cup of tea and talk about changing the décor…Oh and maybe who you’ve done in common.

It may help that I myself am a homosexual demon but who knows?

Maybe because he set his apartment on fire?

This is a sad case, but I had to laugh at this:

At the hospital, officers said Anderson told them he had not done
anything wrong, that he was just remodeling his house.

It’s something my cat would say, if he could speak. I feel like Scalia is behind this somehow.


Well since it was an apartment I’d assume the charge of arson was presented because he destroyed it (at least temporarily unlivable perhaps)? I suppose if he owned a house and destroyed it and set it on fire he might be able to get away with it, but even then most authorities don’t take kindly to setting buildings on fire.

Prices in hell are probably too high, with everyone ripping everyone else off.

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Well you probably need a permit in most places to set a big fire. Of course if you have a mortgage, burning down your house could set you up for civil damages… Mortgages usually require you to maintain insurance (which you can no longer honestly get if you’ve burned down your house) and keep it maintained.

(Simpsons Halloween special: Homer barters to annul Bart’s signing away his soul)
Homer: “Listen, pal, you seem like an honest guy. Is there any other deal that you can accept?”
Demon Moe: “Three-way.”
Homer: “Hmmm, you, me, and Marge?”
Demon Moe: “Demon-demon-you.”
Homer: “Oh, I guess it’s one of those things a dad has to do.”
Homer: “Now, before we start, What’s the safe word?”
Demon Moe: “Cinnamon.”
Homer: “Ooo, I like that. Now, I’d like to try something new, if you don’t mind…”
Demon Moe: “Cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon…cinnamon!”


That would be a crime, arson and insurance fraud, if you tried to collect.

I was going to say something similar… Remember the good old days of harmless anal probing by aliens that didn’t cause property damage?

This is the kind of damage a homophobic society does to people. This unbalanced man was pushed over the edge.

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Did this man have Scott Thompson as a decorator?
“It’s an antique.”


You clearly don’t understand how the American mental health system works. For starters, you probably think there’s an American mental health system.


The system is set up to complain about how gun laws mean this poor guy can’t defend his home from intruders.

This guy was unlucky, he had a psychotic episode. He was also lucky, he survived his encounter with the cops.

If you want to see what the health care system would look like under the GOP, all you have to do is look at the mental health care system. It’s there, and reasonably effective, if you can pay cash, otherwise, tough luck.

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Rob, 10 out of 10 for the image accompanying this article :slight_smile: