Man dies after eating tablet computer


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Another victim of virus 666? “The brain has no firewall”…



Mmmmmmm. brittle and grainy? The Scots sure know how to please a sweettooth…


The country that invented the deep fried Mars bar also knows how to please the sacrifice-demanding god of coronary thrombosis. You eat Scottish “cuisine” at your peril. Russian cuisine, however, would seem to be deadlier faster.


Fucking amateur. You’re supposed to shoot him to keep him from harming himself.


My Scottish cousin bragged about having her first set of dentures, at 19. Not joking.

My Scottish mom taught me how to make the stuff. the sugar burn is everything you want it to be.


Snow Crash.


Ohhhhh, Scottish Tablet!!! I’m sure that I could eat enough to kill me.


Oh, fuck, if I was looking for an edible e-reader I’d have an even harder time. : p

no glass, no ethanol, no sorbitol, no vanilla, no mint, no mercury…


Look out Florida man you have some competition.


They use sugar glass in movies; I’m sure it would work in a tablet computer.

But why no mint?


I wish I knew what was going on, but it induces vomiting. I had to quit one of my meds because the new generic included mint, and induced vomiting, and the pharmacy wouldn’t provide an alternative without mint.


No I think he just has poor impulse control.


I always thought it was a bad idea to put the notice “Do not eat.” on just the little packet of desiccant in the boxes in which electronic devices are packaged. Surely there are a lot of things in that box which are harmful if eaten.


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