Man divorces wife after catching her with another man on Google Maps


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The couple is now divorced. Ironically, Google had taken the photo of the woman and her fellow on the Bridge of Sighs.

Roger That!


Damn big brothers anyway, always ratting you out!


For those interested, here’s the original article in Spanish:
By the way, according to that source, this is not the first time this has happened:
Also, here’s a link to Google Street View at the exact spot, not far from El Puente de los Suspiros:
And just in case, here’s some information and history about this wooden bridge:


“Aw, baby, that’s the liberal media at work again. You know you can’t believe anything those lefties at Google cook up.”


Is that a pair of eyebrow tweezers in her right hand? She should have said to the husband that she wasn’t stroking the man’s hair like the TechSpot article said; she was simply helping a friend look presentable right before a job interview, or something.


Fake News!


Looks like a cigarette between her index and middle fingers on the left, but I can’t see it on the right - instead it looks like something tucked in the palm of her hand.



As the great Bob Segar once said:

Everybody wants into the crowded line
You’re busted
Let down
Your guard
Honey, just about the time you’re thinkin’ it’s alright
You’re busted


The two pictures are taken by the Google Street view bicycle guy. So, the two images are seconds appart. The image on the left could indeed be interpreted as a cigarette, but nobody holds a cigarette as she does on the image on the right. This is why I thought they were tweezers (like this model).Plus, on the right, you can also see what appears to be the two tips of the tweezers. Here’s a close-up of the previous pictures:


Music to read the article by.

The Homeworld soundtrack is my favorite album ever.


The tricky thing about trying to operate a double life, especially under the nose of someone you at one point had enough affinity with to marry, is that while any individual discrepancy can usually be assigned an innocent explanation(albeit often at the cost of taking on some extra untruths to keep consistent in the future) there isn’t just one discrepancy.

Anyone who reacted to this as though it were sex-tape caliber material would be questionably hinged; but a data point needn’t be damning to inspire someone to ask about a few other data points they feel a little odd about that were also not definitive on their own and have things unravel from there.


sorry …not strictly come dancing


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