Plane forced to make emergency landing after angry wife discovers husband's affair mid-flight


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[…] unlocked her sleeping hubby’s phone by putting his finger on the home button and found evidence he was cheating on her, the Times of India reported.

That should be in the headline somehow. Spouse could use your sleeping face to catch your cheating heart.


Actually. She could be in trouble for actually doing that. Sad as it is to say.


A whole new genre of country music coming soon…

“Your face won’t unlock my aching heart”

“Grandma cut off my finger to call daddy from the grave”


Diverting an entire flight due to their spat. Sounds like a couple that deserves each-other.


People who believe their personal problems are important enough to divert an entire commercial flight deserve a certain kind of punishment.


For (1) causing a stink on a flight or for (2) unlocking a sleeping persons phone with their own finger?

Without knowing the mechanics of law on international flights; I’m going to guess said laws are pretty clear for #1, not so much for #2


“Luckily those flights made it to their destinations without a hitch.”

But if they hadn’t gotten hitched in the first place…

|gif of rimshot to be inserted here|


The iPhone X doesn’t unlock if the eyes are closed.


Funny because the only way you can buy it is with your eyes closed.


Or if your company buys it because its, uh… necessary… uh… for testing… yeah.

/nods furiously


Maybe if she wasn’t an angry wife, he wouldn’t of had an affair. :thinking:


don’t let this detail fly by you here. Poor (assumed) kid.


I’m surprised that this exact situation doesn’t arise more often, given general levels of infidelity in the world and the amount of time people spend flying.


I feel like if you use your spouse’s finger, while they’re asleep, to unlock their phone so you can go through it … you probably already have a really good idea what you’re going to find.


My wife and I wrote our own vows together. One of them was that we promise to respect one another’s boundaries. But another is that whatever we chose do, we’ll only do it if we’re unashamed if the other did know about it.

That said, I don’t know the power dynamic in an Iranian marriage, and it may be vastly different from a modern Western marriage between two progressive atheists. My understanding is that arranged marriages are fairly common in Iran. I’m not defending the wife’s actions, but when her autonomy and agency are tied to his behavior, it’s a different calculus.


The timing was not in her favor, that’s for sure. When you find correspondence indicating that your spouse is having an affair, it will cause you to absolutely lose your mind for the first couple hours or so. She didn’t have the option to get up and walk away to clear her head for a little while. In retrospect she should have checked his phone while they were at home. As you implied, it wasn’t fair to the other passengers.


Anecdotally, this is what I’ve heard as well. Completely stabby murderous bananas.


I suppose it could have been a clever bit of play-acting to elude the international hit-man on the aircraft


Also rather risky. Aviation regulators tend to be pretty humorless about cabin disruptions sufficient to interfere with civil aviation; airlines don’t really appreciate rather expensive flight time being wasted and having to reroute whatever is perturbed by the disruption; and your fellow passengers certainly aren’t going to appreciate your contribution to making their stint in the aerial misery tube longer and less pleasant.

I’m honestly somewhat surprised that this was treated as minor enough that the offending passenger was allowed to go on their way. Facing charges and/or a beating from whoever the second-most volatile passenger on the flight was would not have been a huge shock.