Woman demands that plane turn back mid-flight when she realizes she forgot her baby at the airport


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It’s tough to be a mother.

I think this is not the most unreasonable request.


The first two times I did this my wife was very angry, but by the third time, we were pros.


“You are returning back to the gate” is the one slice of English – may be that she figured it out before they got off the ground, thank goodness.


This is a scary situation to be in for the mother. That said, the first thing I thought, @Melz2 already posted. This was the second.

I’m not a wonderful person, and I accept that.


Reminds me of an old joke:

A priest walks down the street and passes a young woman with one bare breast hanging out for all to see.

Disgusted and disheartened by how far society’s standards of modesty have fallen he shouts “Make yourself decent, woman!”

The woman freezes, then turns to run in a panic exclaiming “Oh God, I left the baby on the bus!”




Home Alone 4: The Next Generation


When my daughter started kindergarten, she was supposed to take the bus to an after care program at the Y. On her first day they lost her. I had never been so terrified before in my life , and have never been again.


Yikes. I can only imagine.


I can’t get mad when it’s not intentional or always avoidable.

There’s also a safety consideration to cruising on your way with a distraught passenger.

That’s why inebriated guys like this get planes turned around, and a lot more often than parent errors.


Indeed, that should go without saying; I can only imagine the sheer horror and guilt she must have felt upon realizing she’d left her baby behind.

That said, I tend to deal with the unpleasantry of life by being sarcastic and darkly humorous.

Amusing joke, but one only a man would have come up with.

Having personally breastfed, there’s no way a feeding baby could become ‘unlatched’ in public without the mom noticing.

Baby jaws are fucking strong yo; think of a pitbull with a bone.


Or a mashup of Home Alone, The Terminal, Die Hard 2, and Tarzan. The abandoned baby is never claimed, and grows up to be an airport avenger who eventually thwarts terrorists.

You’re playing my tune.


I think that’s part of the joke. If it was especially plausible it wouldn’t be as funny.


I just can’t stop thinking of the “yank” factor involved; that’s some serious pain.


I don’t know why the baby has to grow up before it starts stalking people from the air ducts. It’s probably easier to get in there when you’re smaller.



I had nightmares like that constantly when my son was a youngster. Brutal.


This is that one movie where every second a woman wakes up and realizes she is one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon. Chilling.