Southwest passenger pummels man on flight for allegedly bumping into his wife (video)

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As usual, there’s a lack of helpful context here.


So, he’ll die for his family, but he won’t show a modicum of self restraint in order to avoid going to jail for his family?

Edit: I just noticed the part that said neither man was arrested. The guy is lucky. That seemed to pretty clearly be assault, even if the other guy was a jerk and intentionally bumped into his wife.


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I’m gonna yoink that, thanks!


Between the fights, the turbulence, the near misses, and the mechanical issues/bird strikes, flying right now sounds fucking terrible. (I am sure most of this is just an increased highlight of such stories, though the near misses are scary!)

Yea, but -

According to CNN, the two passengers were removed from the plane, which still managed to take off on time.

At least no one was delayed…
Knock on wood, but as someone that flies a fair amount, I’ve yet to see anything other than people being annoying after all these years. Sometimes REALLY annoying. Like, put on your DAMN headphones, people.
Day before yesterday on my flight, the plane had literally just landed and was taxiing to the gate and this dude jumps up and starts down the aisle - the flight attendent was like “sir, what are you doing, get back to your seat”. Of course, as soon as the seatbelt light went off, he jumped up and bumrushed his way up the aisle. Asshat. BTW, we had landed early, so no connecting flight issues.


Maybe he was desperate to unload his bowels? Or maybe he was, in fact, an asshole. Always hard to know.

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Yeah, but you had that guy the other day try to stab people with a broken spoon and had to land.

Plus, leaving on time or not, I’d rather not get punched in the face. :confused:
It’s ok, I can’t afford to go visit some place I would have to fly to!

Toxic masculinity everywhere. Sigh.


I wonder why all these reports of bad behavior on board include the name of the carrier, when the responsibility lands always on the asshole (which is almost invariable a guy) who is the protagonist. I guess it’s a parallel to ‘Florida man’?


OMG. The twitter thread is a hot racist mess. Avoid.

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At best it’s merely miserable!

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I was going to say the same thing. It’s like a case study of life in unmoderated Muskland.

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