Woman removed from flight after poking seatmate with pen for his alleged snoring


ARYA: There’s no one worse than you.

THE HOUND: You never knew my brother. He once killed a man for snoring.


And there’s the difference between assault and battery. She assaulted him, but did not batter.

You’ve got that backwards. She battered him (caused physical injury), but could not assault him (cause him to believe she would do so), because he was asleep and unaware.


Have to agree with @namenotreserved on this one.

In common law, assault is the act of creating apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact with a person.

Wikipedia: Assault

Striking someone from behind, without his or her knowledge, is a battery but not an assault.

Legal Dictionary

But you’re right, it is the difference between assault and battery. Just the other way round.


She also damaged a perfectly natty shirt.


On behalf of smirking people everywhere, I condemn this rank discrimination!


Fucking flying! I haven’t flown on a plane in years and I don’t want to ever again if I can help it.


After the woman was escorted off the plane by Chicago Police, Southwest
celebrated by serving free cocktails to the passengers.

Given the state of mind they seem to want of their passengers, they should have considered offering joints on a serving tray.

“U Dub Purple, sir?”

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Eh, it’s not so bad - just get one if those devices that keeps the person front of you from reclining into your knees and you’re all set.

It was during take-off, so the No Smirking light was on.


We remind you that this is a non-smirking flight. Smirking is prohibited on the entire aircraft, including the lavatories. Tampering with, disabling or destroying the lavatory smirk detectors is prohibited by law.


I love how his friend takes full advantage of this opportunity to engage in some playful mocking. I bet these guys are great together.


If you’re super nice to flight attendants and are ordering booze, if you order two bottles of something at once, you may only get charged for one. This happened to me TWICE on two different flights the other week when I flew to/from Texas. Also one flight attendant gave me a free snack (the most expensive, cheese and cracker plate) 'cuz we chatted for a while and I let her use my batter pack to charge her cell phone.


Agreed - flying can be rough.

A couple of years ago a steward - another male mind you – touched my front bottom…I prefer to believe accidentally-on-purpose.

It took at least a day before I could tuck my shirt in again, plus I had to wear briefs instead of my preferred boxers during that time. I had a presentation in front of an actual audience later that day!

How Rude!!!

If the airlines could get away with spiking all the drinks with rohypnol, then piling the passengers up like a mass grave so they could pack twice as many people onto a plane, they’d do it.

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What about all the amazing places you can visit traveling internationally?

…boats are soooooo slow and much more difficult and expensive, i’m glad I can fly and see the world, so many places i want to go before i kick it someday.

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Couldn’t resist.

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