Man doesn't emerge from Y2K bunker after 15 years


Yeah these non-joke fake news Onion imitating sites are annoying the heck out of me. A lot of the time, REAL news is funnier, so it’s easy to be confused.

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Jesus guys it’s a radio show. The article is just a little lead in to it, you need to listen to appreciate it. This is That is frequently hilarious, and beats the hell out of most of what’s on CBC.
Also, news satires do predate The Onion.


This is That has been doing this for some time… not predating the Onion of course but they’ve managed to trick the internet multiple times in the past couple of years… You would think that people would have figured it out by now! The radio show is fantastic.


If you listen to CBC radio you wouldn’t admit on BoingBoing, to being tricked by an episode of This is That – because, embarrassing?

Satire, news and otherwise has a long history in Canada. This is one of the best: (imho)


Pretty sure this was a segment on the Red Green show

My favorite part of This is That is the reading of the furious responses from people who were completely taken in by one of the previous week’s pieces. A year or so ago they reported on a new law in Quebec requiring dogs in public parks to be capable of understanding commands in both French and English. You have to be Canadian to understand the level of foam-spitting indignation that generated.


Love the show This is That. As mentioned by another, its especially funny when they read out the snarky letters from folks who think its for real. Its equally funny that BoingBoing tripped over it as well.


This caption on the photo at the top sort of gives the game away, doesn’t it?

“After being away from society for 14 years, Norman Feller is most impressed with KFC’s ‘Double Down’ sandwich. (iStockPhoto)”

Why would they use a stock photo of a “real person?” Moreover, why would anyone ever be impressed with the “Double Down” sandwich?

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First, they’re not copying the onion. They’re doing satire, and that’s older than the onion. Second, the onion has a paywall. Disparaging places for “copying” them means that you want our free satire supply to run out after 5 articles. Third, no offence, but it sounds like you’re upset that they got you.

Don’t take it so hard- if something’s on a link and not clearly labelled as satire, it’s understandable that you get it. People being taken in by fake news satire is part of the fun, and I think that This is That is actually better in this respect than the onion.

while I would agree with the statement that there are a lot of people out there trying to copy the Onion, and doing a piss poor job of it, “this is that” is not one of them.

It’s news parody, the way that the onion is, certainly… well, it’s actually a pitch-perfect parody of the CBC style. The topics they choose to “report” on, the questions they ask, and the timbre and tempo of their voices. all perfect parodies.

Essentially, they are trolling the canadian radio-listening public, and doing a great job at it. They report an inflamatory or outrageous story, and then tell the audience to phone in if they have a comment. And it’s brilliant.

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OMG guy,
I’m not sure if you are aware. Perhaps you are a newfoundlander, and these words will come as no surprise.

Mack Furlong, the guy who played Paul Moth on the great eastern, Currently hosts a weekend morning radio show on the cbc in st john’s. they go through the regular weekend morning show stuff, newsy stuff, a little local politics, local colour, etc…

but here’s the thing. his current job is exactly the job he was parodying when he did the great eastern. I almost fell of my chair when i first heard it.

Come on man, this is a great show. The responses from angry listeners almost makes me pee my pants sometimes they’re so funny. There was a bit this summer about an aquarium closing in BC, and because moving some species was too stressful and cruel, they were having a closing out party where you could point out any fish and have it grilled right there. They had staff members saying “this might be the only chance some people have to taste grilled manatee!” Some people lost their minds in anger.

They manage to have it just the right amount of stupid so that a small percentage of listeners take it hook, line, and sinker. Sometimes better than others, but it’s a heck of a funny show.


The single down was still just a vague rumour when he went into the bunker.

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I still miss “The Great Eastern”.

Dude… This is That is terrible unfunny and causes me to turn the radio off in anger every damn time! Ugh! No!

There are a few clues:

  • realllllllllllly obviously not true.

What you seek is the On1on…
sadly this is not the onion

(sadly, the site does not seem to be responding for me right now…)

It’s wonderful the way they parody the Ceeb. It’s so realist that sometimes, if you miss the This is That tag at the beginning of the show, it takes a few minutes to clue in, at least for me. As with others, I love the outraged phone-in responses, one part awkward one part hilarious!

Rob, Rob, Rob. You’re not learning anything are you? The headline is supposed to be “Did a man really emerge from his Y2K bunker after 15 years”, thus saving us the need to read the article at all.