Man dragging roadkill raccoon shot by bad Samaritan who thought it was an abused dog


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This chair is weaponized ugly

well, sometimes a dog…


Frankly i’m surprised this didn’t happen in Florida.

  1. OH - CRAB pot, I thought he said Crock Pot.

Ditto. Shit… do you think what ever Florida has is catching?


I would prescribe some heavy antibiotics to clear that out


Why would you shoot someone under these circumstances? I’m a dog lover and all, but even I’d give a warning shot.


I can clearly see this tattooed on his shoulder. He got what was coming to him. /s




But let’s remember, it’s not cool to abuse racoons either.


aren’t the crabs the real victims here?


I’m I the only one with raised eyebrows over dragging any kind of animal?


Trash Pandas are people too.


I remember seeing one in the Ueno zoo in Tokyo - no one was interested in it. I guess they see it all the time. But there was a huge crowd over at the next display - the raccoons (ah kawaii) I of course had little interest the lone ranger since theres loads of them living in my neighbourhood in Vancouver.


Whilst a burst raccoon might be attractive to crabs, I wouldn’t want to carry it like it was a teddy bear.Dragging it crab-potwards by the tail sounds like an eminently sensible solution.


Too bad there was no good Samaritan with a gun nearby to help.


From the article it seems clear the raccoon had died well before the man started dragging it.

Several people called 911 to report the man was dragging the animal down the road. Mason County sheriff’s deputies responded, and the man said he was broke and planned to use a dead raccoon he’d found in a creek as bait in his crab pot.

Deputies said that was legal, and offered to give the man a ride. He said he’d only accept the ride if he could bring the raccoon, but the deputies declined because the animal had been dead for some time and smelled bad.


Fair enough. I’ll keep that in mind the next time i see someone dragging an animal.


Clearly not. Someone’s eyebrows got raised so far that they thought shooting this guy was an appropriate response.


Just a typical day for that guy, minding his own business and dragging a decomposing raccoon down the road. Long enough leash to keep that smell well behind him. So tragic that somebody shot him for that.


Apparently Sterling North’s “Rascal” has been made into a popular anime there, even leading to a problem of invasive racoons competing with the native tanuki because people were importing racoons and finding out that they don’t make great pets (which was kind of the point of “Rascal” in the first place, but whatever).