Woman drowns rabid raccoon in mud puddle


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Cuter version of drowning raccoon:





In another statement, a traumatized raccoon told a reporter “I always thought humans were this cuddly urban animal.”


As someone who has spent a lot of time backpacking I can say this scenario has come into my mind before-- how would I react, and would I react fast enough. Like her I would just assume I’m going to get bitten and then have to get rabies shots, but how would I kill the animal so it could be tested?

(There’s a certain irony here in that she drowned an animal suffering from what used to be known as “hydrophobia.”)


Raccoon are cute. They keep digging up my composty garden and are mildly annoying as the beetle larvae they are after tend to huddle around roots, so my squash and pepper plants die if I don’t backfill the soil. But a rabid raccoon is terrifying.


So vegetarianism is a defense against cruelty to animals? That’s useful. Two wrongs make a right now. I wonder how little Ranger Rick feels?


Killing an animal suffering from rabies is not cruelty. It would be horribly cruel, not to mention dangerous, to leave it alive. By all reports rabies is a horrible, agonizing way to die.


“Go Free?”

Why would anyone even consider charging her with something for this?


They were sure cute when they made a hole and tried to raise a family in my roof. Even chewed completely through some wiring setting off some fireworks when they shorted. And after I fixed the hole they made another.


When I read the headline for this on Twitter, I thought it was going to point to a hair-raising “This American Life” story about a woman attacked by a rabid racoon.

In that case, she called her sons on her cell phone (thank goodness she one one) who eventually resorted to clubbing the thing to death.

Coda: She got the run-around from her insurance company on authorizing rabies shots until it was almost too late.


I call bull. she should prove it by holding up her hands w/ several fingers missing and a septic infection. besides being strong w/ sharp teeth, they also have claws and they squirt poop when terrified (like humans).


Now she has developed a taste for killing with her bare hands!

There are certain people who may or may not have a “job” for her.


I tried getting rid of them and threw in the towel. The city policy is no trapping, they’re part of the urban landscape. I am really annoyed by youtube videos from people who are turning them into pets, leaving out food for them etc. I should have also mentioned, a mama protecting young ones is equally terrifying.


According to meatgobbler law, she must now eat the raccoon.


That idea is not present in the article you linked. No mention at all of her running the risk of any type of legal sanction.


Have you been around a rabid raccoon? They a long past the point of suffering.


That wasn’t a reference to human law, but a finding of the Assembly of Racoon Elders.


Seems her continued freedom appears certain, then.