Man fights off bear attack near Yosemite, then drives himself to hospital

Sophistry and lawyering with words won’t save you from a bear.

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First, my point wasn’t that the bear shouldn’t be “put down” – when animals threaten humans, humans always win and the animal should die. If an animal shows tendencies to harm humans, it needs to be killed as a preventative measure. I understand that.

My point was really that we should not be surprised at the fact that a bear attacked a human, and we should not think that the bear was acting in some aberrant way. Bears aren’t evil for attacking humans any more than they’re evil for attacking a fish. That’s just bears being bears. And we shouldn’t vilify it or kill it unless it is a direct threat or shows a tendency to be a threat.

It’s not typical that bears hunt humans, that’s true, but that’s because there are so many things in the forest that smell and taste better, and aren’t so strange looking. But when those other sources of food run scarce, and sometimes even when they’re not scarce, bears will attack humans and eat them. Other times, bears will attack humans just for fun, or because they feel threatened. Or because who the fuck knows what is going through a bear’s mind. Point is, bears are large, dangerous, top-level predators that hunt things to survive. They have big sharp teeth and nasty claws. They are wild animals.

Thinking of bears as harmless “omnivores” who might eat some fish and then perhaps some wild berries and grasses leads to a lack of respect for the danger of bears. Maybe your average black bear in the New Jersey suburbs isn’t much of a threat, but when you get out west and you start seeing those brown bears, you should be worried about them stalking you as prey because they absolutely can and will.

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Why do I get the feeling that the trailer shows all but 5 seconds of Trejo’s on-screen presence?

If he brings anything from the old show, I hope it’s the threat down whenever there is bear related problems in America…

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edit: “Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive”… salty, meaty, human… remember you can’t say “human” without saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”…

Honestly unless the people that state this are religious, and consider the human species ‘chosen’ in some sense, then there is no compelling argument for the position.

Humans protecting humans isn’t strange, most species protect their own, but claiming that “human lives are more important than animal lives” ( @PhasmaFelis ) is religious claptrap - what does ‘important’ even mean in this context? Important for what?


Important only in the sense that I would kill any non-human, or human for that matter to protect my friends and family. Animals do not protect like that. Does this attitude then seem religious in a sense? We are aware the consequences of a bear attack could be death, while animals do not have this awareness, only an awareness of pain.

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I had a dog that was very personally protective of me. A large friend, in play, threw me over his back. I was fine, she did not know that.

My dog was clearly intending to kill my friend. I intervened. Animals will protect masters with their lives.


The Russians ARE the bears, Mr. Smith.

What on earth are you talking about? Animals don’t protect their own? Get your head out of the bible and watch a documentary.

I was talking about wildlife.

Thhhhwap … owww, ah there, head out of bible finally, thanks!!!
You are correct, there are some instances of bovine herds ganging up on a predator. My wildlife career (retired now) was in the US, not Africa. I did observe mothers protecting young in mammals and birds. However, just a couple of examples (out of many) where the species does NOT help it’s own: foxes will kill a distressed foxes not of their group. A boar raccoon will kill a litter of baby raccoons, then the mother will go in heat and he can breed with her. Just a couple of examples the tv /Disney doesn’t tell you about.

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I’m still not sure what you’re getting at. You know humans kill each other, like, all the time, right? And what the hell does that have to do with any animal being ‘more important’ than any other?

FYI my experience is working for an animal rescue shelter (wildlife and domesticated). Spend a few hours at one and come back and tell me how awesome humans are.

Don’t bears do exactly that? Rats are canny bitey little fuckers if they think you want their babies too, for that matter.

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