Man finds creepy doll behind wall in his new house with note about the murder of the former residents

Arkham Doll Asylum?

At least paint it up a little first


Halloween is coming…

… so expect more spooky pranks, some of which will be guerilla marketing for new horror movies.

I used to live quite close to this “dollhouse” close to Via Cassia in Rome (google translate link).
Creepy as creepy can be, especially for a kid/early teen.
The old guy himself was not unkind though clearly not of a full mind, still, we stayed at a very respectful distance…

Note that the comments there give more details, but mostly before my time.

Wire handles on buckets is a far worse idea than burying a possessed doll in your walls.


I planted a creepy murder doll in a cavity in my home, but I was nice enough to let the finders in on the joke.



A ragdoll, eh?
All he has to do is roll it around in the mud, then stuff a stone in its mouth.
Then he will have a dirty cotton rock sucker to deal with.

I’ll see myself out…

Around the time I was lugging wire handle buckets full of concrete my Dad got tired of hearing me complain about “hurting my work shy hands” on the wire handle of his toolbox so he made a hoop style handle from an old lawn chair…worked great, still have it > fifty years later:


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