New homeowner finds creepy doll in the wall with a note confessing murder

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I joke with friends buying houses to make sure that the inspectors look for:

Indian burial grounds
Howling purple vortex of evil in the linen closet
Evil ventriloquist dummy trapped in a bricked-up coal cellar

I totally love how someone basically replicated the last of those as a gag.


New homeowner makes up story to get publicity.


When I rehabbed the upstairs of my house I added a bunch of secret compartments. Whenever I sell it, I want to leave a map or something, or a clue to the first one and leave treats for the new owners. I never thought of a creepy murder doll…maybe I’ll get one of those brains in a jar…


The dolls from the walls ReBoing.


Just make sure it’s not Abby’s brain.


Hope you sleep well.

That’s sarcasm, right?


Sounds like you have a good inspector but patching all those holes in the wall must get annoying.


Personally, I’d be concerned that if the house inspector missed this, they may have missed something else, too.

I’ve never come across a home inspector that didn’t miss something. I guess the average person wouldn’t have noticed it, but I’m just a novice home owner who does DIY on his own stuff. If I can spot it a “professional” certainly should have.

Nonplussed? He actually seems pretty grounded about the whole thing (chalking it up to a recent renovation’s prank). Do you mean nonchalant?

Those scare quotes are well deserved. Home inspector are the bottom floor of the architecture and engineering community. Almost universally you should assume they did miss something, likely many things. In addition, the things they identified are reasonably likely to have been misidentified and/or the advice given for them may be wrong. It’s honestly comical how bad they are. I would refuse their services were it not typically required for a home loan but their reports should be taken with a truckload of salt.

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