Man finds rare 25-million-year-old teeth from massive shark


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Quick, someone call Jason Statham!!!


“That doesn’t happen. That just doesn’t happen.”

Uh… yes it does… It just did.


Man finds rare 25-million-year-old teeth from massive shark

…in his oatmeal.


Hih. And here’s me jealous of the core tool my friend found in her flower bed.


You just never know what the ocean’s going to throw at you.



At first I was like “how did I miss Jason Statham fighting a shark?” then I was like *type, type, type* then I was buying movie tickets looking forward to watching this on netflix on my phone while waiting for my kids to fall back asleep…


Where’s the Fonz when you need him?
Meh, I may have found bigger off the Kent Coast in UK


Careful! That’s how one loses teeth.


…“What is particularly amazing about this discovery is that it was made by an amateur who had no prior experience in recognizing vertebrate fossils in the rock, a talent that usually takes years to develop.”


The coolest thing I’ve ever found at a beach is this shark tooth fossil I found at Fort Fisher, NC. Pretty sure it’s from a Great White.



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