Body of mysterious fang-toothed, snake-like, eel-like creature identified: it's a fangtooth snake-eel


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Oh of course, it was right in front of us the whole time!


How many people did they find inside it?


It’s fangtoothed snake-eels all the way down.



That’s clearly a sandworm from Saturn…



Salty nope rope. Got it.


Not only am I never going into the ocean again, I want to take back every other time I’ve ever gone into the ocean.


Pretty sure that’s a tsuchinoko.

(Wikipedia has it classified as a youkai, but I’m pretty sure it’s a cryptid.)



This was in Texas right? I’m starting to think that maybe we should build a wall, but perhaps we should focus on a sea wall.

That thing is fucking creepy.


I sometimes wonder, when our descendants meet real aliens, if anything will horrify us more then the things evolution coughed up on Earth. Luckily my imagination isn’t specific enough to answer.


Its amazing that after a couple of billion years of evolution our planet still contains species which are not particularly good hunters. They just cruise around eating whatever they find and somehow survive.


Hey, you’ve met my cousin Jerry? Say hello to him next time you see him.


Maybe. Or maybe one of the dolphins’ secret biosoldiers went berserk before the transformation could be completed, and made an end run at mankind, their eternal enemy.


Shit I thought maybe Jimmy Hoffa finally washed up.



Could it be…? Nessie?


Build a wall, but make Texas and Florida on the other side…


Yeah, build the Ike Dike.


The poor thing, now an ignominious spectacle.