Man follows girlfriend through Southeast Asia with videocamera

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Zardoz speaks to you!


That was cool. Where is the giant head building?

The rogue and the necromancer shouted after the fighter, “Stop!” as she stepped into the mouth of the Tomb of Horrors, and was never seen again.


The giant head statue is in the Buddha Park near Vientiane, Laos.


It is in Buddha Park, Laos, near Vientiane, Just over the Mekong from Nong Khai (Thailand). Later on, the guy that did it left the country and built another one on the Thai side.

Buddha Park, Vientiane. Did anybody guess that yet?


Replace girlfriend with stranger and you got a stalker movie. PROFIT!

So many butts. So very many butts.

And sometimes wearing the same outfit on more than one day. Gasp!

I’m reminded of the bane of climbing photography. Due to the situation of people being roped together, the person in front / above inevitably winds up with a bunch of footage of their posterior.

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There’s a dude who has an Instagram account using a similar hook, but in his case his girlfriend has like the perfect ass and wears some bathing suits only a supermodel can pull off. His photography is really nice, too.


I actually prefer “conventionally perfect.” Maybe add “Western white” in their somehow?

I might be misremembering it but I think she is kind of tawny brown??? I saw it once a couple of years ago, and she looked pretty Sports Illustrated swimsuit model-esque to me. But, yeah, she was conventionally perfect. Just saying if you want to follow some chick’s ass around on vacation, hers was awful nice and lady’s butts aren’t really my ball of wax.

The only ass I like to look at is my face.

And donkeys. They are cute.

I always wonder who is invited to attend these “conventions”. The comics and sci-fi conventions I have gone to have always looked far more diverse. If people didn’t convene with me, what they decide there remains their own problem!

Hopefully it was his girlfriend.

Perhaps it was his girlfriend’s girlfriend.

What, you’ve never been in a love acyclic digraph?

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Maybe it’s just me, but did anyone else think “this is a GoPro commercial” after the first cut?

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