Man stuck in giant stone vagina


Maybe there should be a page of giant vagina art.

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Well, I hope nobody gets stuck in here:

Cerebrum captivus.

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Like a homesick abortion, as we used to say at the late-night, double feature, picture show.


It could have been worse. It could have been a cold winter day


… in the back row.


Sure sure. There was no other reason they called a woman’s genitals jack and pee.

Ok… that was in poor taste, I’ll show myself out.

At least this one doesn’t have teeth.

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Can’t quite tell from the angle, but perhaps this is the same fellow:

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“I found it! I found it!”


That’s what you get for acting like a dick in public.


Perhaps he’s not used to the general form and function of the Lady Garden? Just sayin’…

The older these things get, the more important lubrication becomes.


I find myself wondering if the photo is some kind of reenactment? Or if the poor guy is moaning, “help me, help me,” while his buddies whip out their cameras and upload him to Reddit?

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I am 99.999% sure it is his buddies taking photos before seeking help.

Stone vagina…also a band name?

or a Dio tune. could totally substitute for “Holy Diver.”

Stone vagina!
You fell outside microbiology
Oh what’s becoming of me?!

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Some folks may be stuck there every Sunday.

Ugh, every time I drive past that monstrosity, I hate it a little more. Featurless brutalist concrete at the street level, giant glass vagina up top.

And amazingly, for all that, it is the most expensive church construction project in the US. :-0