Man giving away candy factory surprised by the enthusiastic public response

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If i worked for someone who decided to give the business away to a random person i wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about it :eyes:


wait, it costs $50 to participate? where is that money going?


Oompa Loompa pension fund.


Seems like a pretty steep fee for Charlie Bucket.


If it seems too good to be true, one should be sure to look out for ulterior motives. How do we know that this factory doesn’t have any liabilities that the new owner will assume?


(assuming Verruca Salt arms-akimbo pose)

“I want a Golden Ticket, daddy, and I want it now!!”

Does the person winning the Jelly Belly factory get to still make Jelly Bellys? This isn’t giving away all of Jelly Belly, just one of its several factories. Or does the new owner have to come up with their own non-infringing candy to make?

It’s not Jelly Belly at all - he sold his stake in that 40 years ago and founded a new company.

Edited to add - Of course they make CBD jelly beans.


want. want, want, want.

There’s a movie about this guy called “Candyman” (IMDb) and it’s worth watching, IMO. He comes across as a gentle and kind soul, if not a little naive. I hope it goes well for him.

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I don’t know about that…

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What do you have against beekeepers @anon52120741?

@Franko I would imagine the entry fee would go into his retirement fund.


It’s ok, when the plot needs him to he will accidentally himself exactly as much money as he needs…

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