Man goes to drug store dressed as an enormous drug store receipt


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i love that his discount worked. now THAT’S attention to detail in a costume! haha


And that, it having worked, the manager just rolled with it. No “we can’t do it that way arse covering”


How did his dog react?


Before watching the video, my first thought was, “But did he get his money back?”


OMG - yes - those receipts are absurd.


This is great. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember CVS formally pledging to make their receipts smaller.


did he crumple himself up and jump in the garbage can on the way out?


Right after the Tylenol poisoning scare back in ~1980 a bunch of us dressed as Tylenol capsules (really just red and white clothes from a thrift store), and entered a party with a sheet around us as the bottle. We called it Dielenol. We won an ad hoc prize of “Best Costume for Four Consenting Adults.”


Seems to me I saw pictures of a similar costume several years ago, and that was pretty much the last I’d heard of the infamous too-long-CVS receipt. I assumed they’d finally cleaned up their act, having become a figure of public mockery. It seems not.


Nope. I average about 2-3 feet no matter what I buy.


Does he have no friends. It’s mostly POV shots with just a bit of the actual costume.


His friend dressed up as a CVS bag, he was out in the parking lot blowing around.


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