Man has replacement nose on his forehead


Forehead protruberances gross me out, so unfortunately a unicorn chaser will only make this worse.


I’d love to pick his brain about this.


Keep both I say, but retube for snorkeling, like…

“My forehead has no nose.”

“How does it smell?”


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As weird as it looks, it seems that the placement might facilitate “simply” cutting the new nose free from the nostrils to the bridge, leaving the bridge connection intact, and rotating it down to the traditional nose location.

“The forehead is a traditional place to get extra tissue from to
rebuild a nose,” says Shehan Hettiaratchy, Chief of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS, who the
BBC quoted as an expert on the matter.

“Ooh, we should all just defer to the ‘expert’!”

What a brow-noser.


“I had no idea how bad my hat smelled”

This may look unusual

No, this does look unusual.

was about to post one of my dad’s tried and true jokes—

but it’s already been done. aww…



Drive carefully, yo

In a fight, he could get punched in both noses. Definitely a combat disadvantage.

The surgical team is saddened to announce that this patient died just days before his scheduled surgery. According to the coroner’s report, he drowned while taking a shower.

The use of tissue bridges to reconstruct the nose was pioneered by the French who created new noses for men that had lost their noses in sword duels. The flap of skin was from the forearm, and the arm was lashed to the patients face for a couple weeks.

Something witty about “Plain as the nose on your face”

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