Have you seen this giant nose?


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I’ve seen it:


Where have I read about wandering noses? Hmm:


They really blew it by not bolting it down.


Where did it go? Nobody nose!



Perhaps it was part of a plan to clone someone’s leader…


Lost your nose? Hope you don’t loose your way!


I remember that nose. I recognized it instantly.
It was used in an add for cold medicine from the early 90s, I believe. A man’s entire head was his nose because his cold had taken-over his life. It featured a “morph” at the end, when the man’s head returnee to normal.

UPDATE! I found it.

Funny the things that stay in your memory.


But, how does it smell?


It was the pick of the litter.


No one nose where it is


i remember that commercial! it sure looks like that nose, but does it look like the actor is supporting a 50lb nose on his shoulders at the beginning of it? i’m not sure…


Did they put up signs in the neighborhood? At least then we’ll finally have a successor to what is probably the weirdest (non-prank) missing dog flyer.


just ask the huguenots

I personally call them the huge noses


Is your nose running?


I’m assuming “50 lbs” is a very rough estimate. Maybe 10.


I did that morph at R/Greenberg Associates in Manhattan in the 80s. I’m not kidding.



So you have something like this on the front stoop and it gets stolen… and you are… shocked? surprised?