Man howls in Sweden, and many others howl in response


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I always howl back.

Well, but only if it’s a proper howl, you know, like a coyote or wolf.


…well, that’s…frightening.


Hopefully they can tell the difference between playful howling and getting murdered.


I always did that as a kid.


“Yodeling is something that’s very hard to do when there’s a crowded population because you have to wake people up-- the only time I really feel like yodeling is either very late at night or very early in the morning.” --Pete Seeger


Gary, quit it, you’re gonna start a howl!


Came here for this, was not dissapoint.


It must be super cool to live somewhere where howling out a window is a communal activity rather than only an indication of “help, I am being murdered, call 911”. Oh, Sweden.


Possibly a college campus during exam week?


“Lapis” is Stockholm University’s residential area. Normal swedes are not as “adventurous”.


Grickle did it first:


See, its just like I wuz saying. Sweden is full of werewolves.

Or howler monkeys. Or those weird ass goats or something.


He’s telling everyone how terrible this sequel is.


It’s a university student thing in Sweden, yeah… dubbed the “scream of angst” in some parts, even done at particular times (“the four pm scream”) etc. There may be some vague idea that it is about exam-studying angst especially, but the actual factuality of that might be somewhat dubious.

I guess Swedish uni students may not be the only ones that like goofing off, but perhaps they enjoy it a bit more than most…


Gotta love the Swedes.

Except Yngwie. Fuck that guy.


shouts out window: “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”

replies from other windows: “stillna!”


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