Man in the High Caslte Ad Wraps on NYC Subways

A touch of controversy over vinyl wrap ads on the NYC subway for The Man in the High Castle. I can see how it doesn’t “violate MTA standards” but still seems in poor taste and kind of a shitty, grubby, controversy-as-publicity ad campaign

Some fave pulls from the article:

The MTA does occasionally reverse course and remove advertising,
Lisberg said, noting that in his three years at the agency two
campaigns came down: A Freelancer’s Union advertisement about “wage
theft” and, just this past October, an Amalgamated Bank poster
advocating for a $15 minimum wage. This only galled Toback further,
given that Workmen’s Circle supported the minimum wage raise cause.

“Raising wages is not politically neutral but putting up Nazi insignia somehow is?”

This one

Those same standards stalled ads for menstrual underwear, also designed by OUTFRONT, though the MTA later approved the images after a public outcry.

And, seems weird that this is allowed, given MTA’s relationship to the state…

Lisberg said the advertising campaign was arranged through OUTFRONT Media. Neither the MTA nor OUTFRONT Media would disclose financial terms,

See also:

And this was really icky of Amazon.

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