'The Muslims are Coming!' Judge overturns NYC subway's ban on ads for Muslim comedy movie


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My noggin really does retain some odd shit…
A man before his time… Lowell Lundstrom was always hawking this on Sunday morning TV.
The Muslims are coming: Lowell Lundstrom

My sister’s boyfriend traveled with the Lundstrom Family (he was a singer), so my mother often had their Sunday show on.


Thems fightin’ words.


Will it be translated into the Hungarian language?

[note sarcasm & schadenfreude]


The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming (1966)
It was innocent comedy and no one got hurt.


It’s true about the frittas! Come for the frittas, STAY FOR THE JIHAD!!!

Or maybe stay for the hijabs?


Stay for the bhajis.


OM-NOM-NOM!!! Yummy!


It’s awful, but the title reminds me of one of Andy Milligan’s too-awful-to-be-believed horror movie gems. And, believe it or not, this was amongst his better works…

I’d prefer the frittas and/or bhajis any day.


Would they have the same reaction if it said something like “Christians” or “Hindus” instead of “Muslims”? I have a feeling not, so here’s the obligatory, “Christ, what assholes” comment.


The personal is political. Feminist analysis would have told the MTA the folly of trying to draw a line between political and non political. :smile: But this all comes in the context of MTA very understandably wanting to ban Pam Geller’s anti-Muslim ads, and the grounds they used to do that were that MTA won’t accept political ads. They probably figured if they allowed ads poking fun at anti-Muslim hysteria they’d have to allow ads ginning it up too.


They came to my college last year to screen the movie [unfortunately the projector was shit] and then did a Q&A. There was one part where this Somali? gy stood up and said in heavily accented english “You are shitty muslims … yes all of you are shitty” and the entire theater went silent. I believe it was Negin Farsad who went to go say something but could only stammer a ‘welll we…’ and then he interrupted with a “I KEED

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody kill it so hard. I was laughing so much I got a headache.


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