Man in underwear stopped traffic as he vaped and danced on sign over LA freeway

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Vape Nation. Go green.


papa bless


suspicion of delaying a police officer

That’s not a made-up crime is it? It’s actually on the books?


I was stuck in traffic for an extra hour yesterday thanks to this asshat. I hope they throw the book at him.


He got the boggie.

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The donuts don’t eat themselves, ya know. Gotta get to Dunkin’ before all the crullers are sold out.





Delaying a cop, because who cares about the thousands of commuters this selfish twit trapped in mid-Summer heat on the LA freeway for two hours, jeopardizing people’s jobs and livelihoods…incidentally causing them to spew that much more CO2 into the air, but self-awareness is probably not high on this asshat’s list of priorities.

Bet they never thought of this one when designing the first highways!

People stuck in traffic driving single occupancy vehicles complaining about traffic should be a crime. More people need to walk, bike, ride the train and dance. Automobilists are the asshats of a rational transportation system.

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I have 2.5 hours of commute to and from work every day as it is. That equates to 5 hours by public transit, 7 hours by bike, or 20 hours walking. How exactly are those rational transportation alternatives? Get off your high horse.

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I think the burning question for me is, considering production costs in L.A., does he still come out on top after paying fines and/or court costs?

Alexander Dunn goofed! Consequences will never be the same!

When my wife and I lived in Seattle we commuted to Redmond to work on weekdays. Since it was Seattle we couldn’t afford an apartment AND a car so we took the bus. Actually two buses with a transfer at Pioneer Square.

I actually didn’t mind taking the bus but it took us two hours each way for a four-hour total commute every workday. We had to get up at 4:00-4:30 AM Monday through Friday to get ready for work and catch the buses that would get us there on time.

One time a colleague from work who lived outside of Seattle-proper gave us a lift home in rush hour traffic and it took 20 minutes. I was both astounded and aghast at how much time we were wasting by using public transportation. That’s how it is when you don’t have a lot of practical options available.

But you enjoy your dance to work. :grinning:

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But he wasn’t charged with delaying a police officer, which could certainly be a matter of life or death. He was charged with suspicion of delaying a police officer.

It’s just vapor!

Nice try, but this rap “star” still doesn’t beat out these morons for stupidest L.A. freeway publicity stunt:

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Externalized cost of the attention economy.

The terrifying thing is that there’s a legion of vape bros out there, right now, filled with a primal desire to regain the title of most-annoying-not-technically-smoker; probably already augmenting their power delivery systems and disregard for personal space and plotting their 15 minutes of fame.


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