Man insults all 50 US state flags in a 2-minute video

as a resident, i was surprised Nevada got a shoutout as an example. i rather like Nevada’s flag – it’s not unfinished at all. the mostly blue field symbolizes the vast expanse of western sky here. i’ve heard people visiting from places like NYC say it freaks them out how much sky there is. they are used to canyons of walls, with just a slice of sky above.

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the dark blue makes it look like Nevada has a vast ocean though. And where is area 51 represented?

well, there’s a reason why we get called the great sagebrush sea : )

area 51 wasn’t around when the flag was made, i guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey, hey, we also have sandstone…


If you zoom in closely to the Michigan flag, it’s a guy holding a rifle ready to shoot anyone from Ohio. “an almost bloodless boundary dispute” (emphasis mine)

interesting metaphor for slavery,

Well, the Massachusetts flag features the armed dead rising from the earth, but whatever.


It always looked to me like a swimming pirate who doesn’t have a sheath for his sword so he carries it in his hand awkwardly, and that’s probably why he’s depicted with most of his body under the surface, because he’s drowning…


So, it’s a cross between:


Pretty much. It’s intentionally dumb, but it makes me laugh every time.

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